The Company

The Italian Wood Company Parlato Srl is a family company which operates in the timber trade as importer and sales timber agency on exclusive basis. The activity started in the early fifties. During all these years the agency has been dealing with products from the most important sawmills in Sweden, USA, Indonesia and Malaysia, Canada, Africa, South America and Birmania, on the whole Italian territory. The owners have been graduated in highly specialized timber schools – RIKSAGVERKSKOLAN in KARLSTAD (SWEDEN) and NHLA INSPECTION SCHOOL in MEMPHIS (USA) and they speak English and Swedish fluently.

The timber agency has a very efficient commercial network of salesmen cooperating on Italian territory for sales to importers and timber industries. In addition to mother language, the employees can speak English, Swedish, French and Spanish. Thanks to the acquired experience, the Company is in the position to assist customers to find the products from the best sources and at the best conditions, to suggest the most suitable quality for the final end-use, to inspect the product on site, to find the most efficient and cheapest mean of transport, and also to answer all possible questions concerning timber trade and import procedures. All inquiries are taken into consideration with efficiency and experience. All suppliers cooperate closely with environmental associations in order to sustain the forest resources of the world in the long term. Therefore the Company can supply certified wood products on demand.

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