Service to suppliers

  • Service to suppliers
    Given our technical and market knowledge and financial strength we can be seen by our suppliers as a reference on sales. We are a marketing team which offers financially risk free service. Most of our suppliers prefer to be represented by us on an exclusive basis.
  • *Full marketing support:
    with our deep knowledge of markets, buyers and their requirements we can represent suppliers to promote a variety of products to a variety of markets.
  • *Guaranteed and fast payments:
    the policy of our company is to deal only with reliable customers to minimize financial risks for suppliers and we are used to follow all sales from contract to payment.
  • *Open mind to promote new products:
    our suppliers really appreciate our open minded approach to the promotion of new products.
  • -*Fast , professional and fair resolution of problems:
    we are used to represent suppliers in any claim to solve problems in a correct way. No dispute, that our company has been involved in, has ever had to be settled by help of outside arbitration.
  • *Continuity of business:
    widening and deepening our customers’ base, we offer our suppliers continuity of business and good established relationships.

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